Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A few small updates.  I'm catching a cold.  I've run through them before, so as long as it doesn't turn into something worse I should be okay.  But it's not the best timing since the Half Marathon is less than two weeks away.  I'm excited that my friend Gerry is also running the race.  Also, it will be the first race that my girls will be there to see e.

The jersey's are in production now.  So they should arrive soon. Crossing my fingers that they arrive in time for the Half, but they are not actually expected until after that--but at least well before the Tri.

And then finally, I've also started my fundraising in earnest now.  I started off with a few close friends and family, but have now opened that up to just about everyone.  I still have my work colleagues to hit up, but that's a bit more complicated because of the matching donations.  So that will come after a bit more research.

I'm off to take my vitamins!

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