Saturday, January 23, 2010

Long, Long, Long

Today was my last long run--17 miles--before the Half Marathon in two weeks.  In fact, it's the longest I've run in over a decade.  And the longest I have to do until at least September.

It was okay--almost didn't happen.  It's been raining all week, and this was the first break long enough to go outside.  As a result though, it was a bit sticky.  And I had missed a run due to the rain, sick kid, and work stuff--so I was feeling a bit creaky and it took me a long time to get in a zone.  In the end, it didn't feel great, but it's done.  A lot better than my crap swim yesterday.  Also, no new blisters.  I'll be sore tomorrow (heck, I'm a bit sore now).

There were a few interesting parts to the run.  I had to do an extra loop in the park to make the mileage I needed.  The trip out to the zoo is no longer long enough (14 miles).  I took the extra time in the west end of the Park, which I like much better than the other half.  More lakes--lots fewer people.  Also got to run by the Bison three times as a result, and they were right up in front one of the times--I've never seen that.  Also cool, was that because of the storms and standing water, the Great Highway was closed in large sections.  Lots of people were taking advantage of it and biking and running right on the highway.  And speaking of standing water, there was a new "lake" in the Park.  Marx Meadow had flooded so badly that it was basically a new pond.  I saw kids walking into it in their rain boots and it coming almost to the top of their boots.

Anyway, now it's time to taper.  No long and no hard runs until the race.  I've learned my lesson this week though--four days to too long to go between runs.

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