Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm stoked!

Second time in Aquatic Park this morning.  Again thanks to Lauri for taking me out.  I did MUCH better this time.  Really not much nervousness at all.  Still bitterly freezing cold, but I was able to actually concentrate on my stoke most of the time and my breathing, instead of just being panicked about the whole thing.  Turns out I don't need a special cold water swim cap (maybe for a long swim)--the regular caps does just fine.  Also thought I might need some better/bigger goggles (Aqua Sphere), but my regular swim goggles also were fine this time--the defogger made a big difference.  I also tried ear plugs this time--which aren't necessary in the pool, but I feel like it helped with no cold water going in my ears. 

Anyway, all around a much more positive experience.  And since that was really my last hurdle to get over...I'm totally stoke and ready for the race!  I still need to practice transitions, and figure out race logistics, but otherwise am ready to go.

I also had a really good brick workout this week.  Did a spin class with one of my race buddies Victoria, then immediately went out and ran 4 miles at an 8 minute mile pace--which is fast for me.  So that's all coming together too.  Next week is my last hard week, then a week of taper.

On the fund raising effort, I sent an email out to the parents of Lila's and Cora's school.  Thanks to the Director of Hills Plaza Marin Day Schools for allowing me to do that.  So between that and the work email last week I've had some more donations coming in.  I'm almost at 4 digits, so I'm really thrilled with that.  Again thanks to the parents and the Schwabbies for their contributions.