Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final prep

I had my last open water practice yesterday.  It went well.  I did try just jumping straight in and swimming, and while I was sort of able to, the cold water shock is big and I had to take a breather almost immediately.  As much as it doesn't sound fun, I think I will plan on doing a little pre-race swim just to get over the cold.  Then I get to hang around damp until the race start.

I don't have any big serious work-outs this week, it's mostly about tapering and not getting rusty.  I have been suspicious about my left knee (that I notice mostly when I'm riding), so will stay away from big gears and long rides.  I think that is what did it, I jumped in too long too soon on the bike.  Going from basically 0 to 30 miles was too much.  Anyway, I'm not greatly concerned...just a little.

Which really just leaves transitions and logistics.  I practiced the former in the garage this afternoon.  Can I tell you how silly I felt donning all my race gear and taking it on and off in the garage.  Fortunately none of my neighbors witnessed it.  As far as logistics, being a one-car family has proven a downside.  I need to get there hours before the family would like to, so I'm having to arrange alternate transport.  I may have to rent a car; I'm actually hoping to try out Zipcar, but my account hasn't been approved yet (not sure what the hold up is, it's a corporate account so it may very well be my own company.)  I'm hoping it's not that my drivers license expires in 10 days--but that's a different story.  So is the cop story, but that's also for another time ;)

And how could I forget, yet another teammate has dropped out.  Tim is giving his old man knee as the excuse for leaving me high and dry.  But at least I have confirmed my friend Victoria is still in it, and our friend Laurie will be there in support.  Can you believe at one point I had almost 10 people that were going to race?  I guess that doesn't say much about my race leader skills.

Now, just to not let my nerves get the best of me.

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