Saturday, March 27, 2010

into the...


I did one of my last new things today.  I practiced the open water swim for he first time.  With much thanks to my friend Lauri--who is a pro at the open water--she was able to calm me down get me through it.  Really--this is the only part of the race that is still intimidating.

We donned our wetsuits and started into Aquatic Park.  (My daughters were quite fascinated the the wetsuit and kept coming over to pet me in it.)  I knew it was going to be cold... and it was (about 50 degrees).  There is nothing pleasant about that.  And while the wetsuit did it's job, it doesn't cover feet, ankles, hands or your face.  The ankles was really the worse bit--they hurt, REALLY hurt because of the cold.  I think the only thing that made me get over that was getting my face wet--because that literally is just so shocking it takes your breath away.

Honestly, things went pretty well.  But definitely a few lessons learned.  For instance, there are no breaks--no place to touch down and take a breather.  When you're tired, treading water or a back float are your only options--and it's just not the same as standing up on the bottom of the pool.  And more than anything else, I was exhausted from that.

Not being able to see due to murky water was different too--but that didn't really bother me.  Speaking of not being able to see--I did use defogger, but it didn't work.  I don't know if it's because the water was just so cold, but really I couldn't see at all where I was going even when I looked up.  My best option there was just trying to stay with Lauri, because then I knew I was pretty much going the right direction.  And that was something else--with the tides it's much harder to go straight than you think.  (I did once mistake a buoy for her :)

Anyway, despite that bit of panic at the beginning it was a very positive experience.  And Lauri can take most of the credit there.  I can't say I'm a convert and that open water is my new thing, but I am--or will be-- comfortable enough with it to get through it and on to the bike.  Then the fun can begin.

Also, I finally sent the pledge email to my work colleagues.  I suppose I am most nervous about that email than others.  We get so many similar emails at work for other fundraisers, hopefully they won't mind--but I still don't like bothering my colleagues.  Sorry, and thanks in advance!

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