Sunday, April 18, 2010

First triathlon in the books!

I did it.  It wasn't pretty, especially the start, but now I can call myself a triathlete!

First I want to thank everyone for their support on this.  Denise has been a hero in taking take of the kids while I've spent a lot of time training.  Then my teammate during the event--Victoria Ramirez.  Tim Pollard for originating the idea, and although he didn't race, for at least going on a ride of the course with me.  Laurie Matheson for showing her support during the race.  And Lauri Kopra for helping me with my swim. 

Then of course, this was all for CJ and her family.  So thank you to Roger and Rachel and the rest of the Foundation for supporting me during this.  I'm proud to say I raised over $1500 for CJSTUF!

Here are the times for the race.

Swim: 00:08:17.5
T1: 00:01:41.1
Bike: 00:35:53.7
T2: 00:00:56.2
Run: 00:24.30.9
Total: 1:11:19.4

A full recap and breakdown to follow.


  1. There's nothing better than being able to give back, while having fun. Congrats James

  2. We are proud, amazed, and honored! Thanks, Staudte!