Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's getting closer, less than a month

I rented my wet suit today.  I'll get to use it this Saturday at Aquatic Park.  My friend Lauri is going to show me the ropes of open water swimming.  Pretty excited--a little nervous.

Also today, I effectively did the tri...indoors.  I went to the gym and did all three sports in succession for either the distance (swimming and running) or time (spinning) I expect to do.  I did the swim a little faster than planned (but still slow), and the run a bit slower than I wanted. Again because of being indoors, it was hard to say how my biking compared.  Transitions weren't realistic at because the gym is layed out for a triathlon and I had to deal with a locker, etc.  Nonetheless, did the whole thing in 1:20.54 which is just off the mark of what I hope to actually do.  And I was not super-pushing it, so I have more to give come race time.  (Assuming I don't choke like my last race and let my nerves and heart rate get the best of me.)  I was pretty pleased with this effort, especially for the first time of doing all three.

One lesson learned, might need to invest in better tri-shorts.

Then the other other sports news, is I got my bike back form the shop today.  New shifters, chain, cables, handlebar tape and brake pads.  Plus a tune-up.  Wasn't too happy about the bill, or the fact they lost the parts for a while.  But I am stoked to try it out--hopefully Thursday.  Last Thursday I got a 22 mile ride in on the mountain bike.  So I'm hoping for about 30 this time on the roadie.

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