Saturday, February 13, 2010

Triathlon training in earnest...

So...I took Monday off as planned.  Then I went snowboarding on Tuesday instead of training (I had forgotten I had planned that).  First time up in two years--felt pretty good.  I wasn't really feeling 100% that day or the next few actually.  So I took Wednesday and Thursday off as well.  I had a run on Friday which felt...okay...a bit creaky.  So much for training in earnest.  If it's any consolation, I read that I was supposed to take 1-2 weeks off after the race anyway.  And the coach feature on my watch pretty much said the same thing.

Today I had a swim video clinic.  They are supposed to video record you above and below the water, then you go watch yourself and the coach critiques you.  Well...the underwater camera wasn't working.  And after the recorded us above water, the playback wasn't working.  So the coach just told us verbally what he saw.  Not really the value that I wanted.  But, they are supposed to send the DVD so we can watch it, and there is supposed to be a make up session for the underwater part.  The only real drag is that it means another day where Denise has to watch the kids so I can go do my training.  (I think she is getting annoyed by all my training demands.)

So the rest of the weekend I'm hoping for a run and a bike.  I actually hope to ride the bike course on Monday with one of the people doing the race with me, so that should be go to scope it out.

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