Saturday, February 6, 2010

One day left

I managed to get my taper in after all.  It became very easy not to over-exercise when I was keeled over with a 3 day stomach flu.  I even got my weight down to race-weight!  So, not exactly how I planned my week before the race.  I did get a nice easy run in on Thursday to make sure my legs still worked.  A little low on energy though.

The other good news is that it looks like no rain on Sunday.  That was iffy for a while because Sunday had been projected for rain for he past week.  And in fact it is raining right now, and supposed again on Monday--so a well timed break in the clouds.

I'm excited to have Denise and the girls at the race.  The girls have never seen me run, so that should be fun.  The plan for the rest of the day is get my race gear together, figure out logistics of drop-off, and relax.

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